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万博体育manbetx app下载_万博手机版客户端_万博国际博彩最新版下载re for this battle

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According to news in April 20 from RedNet Liling Substation (reported by Wu Di, Pan Chunhong), Phase II exhibition of the 121th Spring Canton Fair focusing on light industry, household ceramic and other products will be started in Pazhou Pavilion, Guangzhou City in April 23. Now, all participants from Liling City are elaborately making preparations.  

This year, Huari Ceramic is at the enterprise exhibition hall, and most products to be exhibited have been made. “Samples that are used to participate in this Canton Fair have been completed basically, and we are packing them uniformly and delivering to the pavilion”, relevant responsible person said, products for this exhibition are more novel in shape and diversified in style, and have a high practicability and ornamental value. 

“In terms of product development and design, we follow the market demands and customer feedback closely.” As an enterprise participating in the Canton Fair for the first time, Huari Ceramic spares no efforts for this exhibition, and as early as two months ago, it has completed the product design and put into production.

Altogether 60 enterprises in Liling City participate in this Canton Fair, including 54 household ceramic enterprises, 2 electrical porcelain enterprises, 3 bags and suitcases enterprises and 1 fireworks enterprise. During this exhibition, all these enterprises will uniformly and normatively use Liling Kiln LOGO and “Liling, China • Best Porcelain in the World” logo, to highlight the overall image of Liling Ceramic, and improve its international reputation.

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