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万博体育manbetx app下载_万博手机版客户端_万博国际博彩最新版下载xhibition hall was successfully unveiled

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In November 2, 万博体育manbetx app下载_万博手机版客户端_万博国际博彩最新版下载xhibition hall was unveiled in Liling•World Ceramic Art City. Duan Wenzhong, assessment and acceptance team leader of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, Yang Jie, Director General of the Hunan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Hu Xiangzhi, Secretary of Liling Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Kang Yuelin, Vice Secretary of Liling Municipal Committee of the CPC and Mayor of Liling City attended the ceremony.

In Liling City, one of the major ceramic-producing areas in China, there are now 594 ceramic manufacturers, and more than 0.14 million employees. The ceramic industry covers more than 4,000 varieties from five major series household porcelain, electrical porcelain, art porcelain, building porcelain and new-type porcelain. Among these series, household porcelain accounts for 94.7% of the total ceramic output in Hunan Province, 14% of that in China, and 10.8% of that in the world; and electrical porcelain accounts for 98% of the total ceramic output in Hunan Province, and 43.3% of that in China. In 2013, our city made a plan for establishing and implementing an exported household ceramic and electrical porcelain quality safety demonstration area, and in 2014, we successfully established Hunan’s first provincial exported industrial products quality safety demonstration area.

万博体育manbetx app下载_万博手机版客户端_万博国际博彩最新版下载xhibition hall is not only an important propaganda and display platform for the establishment of a national export demonstration area by Liling city, but also an important window for Liling’s ceramic enterprises to open and display to the outside world. At present, there are 38 enterprises including Hunan Huari Ceramic Co., Ltd. in the demonstration area. In the form of product display and image-text propaganda, the exhibition hall focuses on displaying excellent works from each ceramic enterprise. This successful unveiling of exhibition hall fully reflects our country’s concern and support to ceramic industry export, which is of great significance to developing the ceramic industry in Liling City. 

Hunan Huari Ceramic Co., Ltd. will take it as an opportunity to continue to implement the strategy of scientific and technological innovation, adhere to standardized production, focus on product quality, and expand domestic and foreign markets, so as to make positive contributions to developing and expanding our city’s ceramic industry and building a “five-color painted ceramic city under glaze”.

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