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Explore a market with crafted and personalized ceramics

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“Making porcelain for daily use artistic, and art ceramics personalized” is a great trend showed in the transformation and upgrading of porcelain in Liling County. Some enterprises in our County produce personalized ceramic tea sets, vases, aroma devices and furnishings, and go on the road of differentiation, thus opening a market space.

Located in Wangxian Town, this enterprise covers a not large area and has not many staff, yet its production value is not low. Their products are all sold very well. Speaking of the way of management, the owner said, if an enterprise wants to develop well in the fierce competition today, the key is the precise market positioning. For this purpose, this enterprise positions its product market as clubs, hotels and furniture. Their materials are better than ordinary petuntse, and their artisan craftsmanship is meticulous.

These products are simple and unsophisticated, natural and pretty, and they are meticulous and delicate with a comfortable hand feel, by using Liling’s traditional porcelain carving and integrating exaggerative and creative technique, and also fully combining natural elements such as traditional types of ware, ornamentation or other Chinese-style elements. 

As lifestyles and fashions such as tea drinking, fragrant tasting, flower arranging rise increasingly, now a batch of ceramic enterprises in our County have integrated the porcelain technologies and pugging, glaze of ceramic producing areas across the country, and produced personalized tea sets, vases, aroma devices and furnishings, to meet the market needs of clubs, hotels and home furnishings, which enjoys a very good prospect.

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